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A Dozen White Pelicans

Art Prints Twelve white pelicans on a dark background. Taken at Ding Darling on Sanibel Island Florida. I used to participate in Art Festivals on Sanibel. I would arrive early and leave late, spending my time at Ding Darling photographing  the wildlife.

This shot was taken early morning when the angle of the sun was low. The mangroves behind the pelicans were in deep shadow, while the sunlight was striking the pelicans. I spot metered for the pelicans and overexposed the get a white instead of gray pelican.

I was using a Pentax 600mm f5.6 lens made for a medium format camera with a Pentax digital camera attached. The lens was made before digital camera’s were invented. I manually focused the camera  and set the digital camera to beep when in focus and then pressed the shutter release. Remember good glass is good glass.


Red-tailed Hawk

Art Prints Every time I hear the call of a red-tailed hawk I stop and look. It is my call of the wild.

This was taken with black and white film with a 200mm lens.  The hawk was coming directly towards me fortunately. Otherwise it may have blurred. Objects coming towards or away from the lens are more forgiving of motion blur. Why black and white film? You didn’t have the choices you have now with digital. I was separating myself from the pack and shooting a series of black and white photos. Now you shoot color and convert later.

Raptor, Bird of Prey very dramatic sounding names. The Red-tailed Hawk is a true predator, it will sit quietly waiting at a bird feeder and snatch an unwary cardinal out of the air. I was fortunate enough to see this happen. Its interesting to note those names were used in future Sci fi movies for attack craft.